As an expert in brand and corporate communications, K3 has been serving clients from a wide variety of industries for almost 20 years – from MDAX-listed technology leaders to scientific research institutes to international fashion labels.

Our core competence is to bring the content of our customers to the right recipients – cooperatively, intelligently and with an assured sense of style. With our expertise in online marketing and social media, we increase reach and ensure that messages get through: to customers, shareholders, employees, fans and followers.

We combine well-founded research with emotional storytelling, strategic vision with quick reactions, creative variety with high quality. Our team of marketing specialists, designers, copywriters, editors and digital natives develops integrated marketing concepts and tailor-made campaigns that are precisely fitted to the needs of the different target groups. Because our aim is to bring together what belongs together: relevant content and interested readers. Creative people and smart products. Fascinating brands and enthusiastic customers.