MHLC - The Concept

MHLC Europe 2020
MOVE your Supply Chain!

In today's market, change is happening quickly and forcing organisations to adapt to the constant flow of innovation, disruption and chaos that are pushing us ahead at rapid pace. When it's done right, accelerated change drives operational efficiencies, moves transformation, and enables quick adaptation in a changing competitive landscape.

However, what happens when tight labor markets, an overwhelming volume of Big Data, unpredictable demand, and competitive pressures all converge to make transformational change unattainable? That is where we step in to help.

The Material Handling & Logistics Conference Europe 2020 is an exclusive and mind-building event for intralogistics decision-makers and all interested parties who want to achieve more - both, for their business and themselves by out-of-the-box Keynotes and Workshops. This event offers the chance to get information about upcoming market needs and strengthen the customer loyalty for possible clients by building an exclusive networking platform in the most growing market – Europe. This pleasant platform gives the chance to be heard and engage in an intimate and secure atmosphere.

The Conference's educational seminars, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations are designed especially for those, who wants to expand their horizons, together with other industry experts and challenging start-ups.

Where we come from
and what you can expect

Celebrating over 30 years of Supply Chain education in the United States, the 2020 Material Handling & Logistics Conference is a premier event that encompasses for the first time in Europe 4 keynotes and 16 insightful sessions –all designed by industry experts to provide tactical and strategic education that will help your company ignite transformation, accelerate change, and thrive in any market conditions. From learning how to keep cool in crisis, to using data to drive good decision-making, to designing the optimal fulfillment center, the Conference's educational seminars, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations are designed with you in mind. Customised to meet your needs, address your biggest pain points, and expand your horizons, the 33rd Annual Material Handling & Logistics Conference USA has now a big sister in Europe travelling around the place to also ignite all regions.

Two locations, one aim:

We want to MOVE!

Event Opening: 8th March 2020

Besides a culinary luxury dinner event, network-suited background music and great conversation opportunities, Bruce Dickinson (singer Iron Maiden, Entrepreneur and Airplane Investor) will open the event.

Conference Day: 9th March 2020

Three keynote speakers and over 20 stream experts will give you exciting insights into the topics surrounding the here and now as well as the future of the intralogistics industry from a variety of perspectives and related to a wide variety of industries. In addition to the exciting keynote lectures, the adjoining exhibition and future lab invites you to more intensive discussions with your industry colleagues. This will be rounded off by a culinary catering offer.

The visitors

Logistics experts (Europe), partners, market insiders, decision makers, start-ups and innovators will be part of the 2020 Highlight.

This event is the MUST

for all industry experts because…

  • Attend both events, travel only once: the event is adjusted to the leading intralogistics fair Europe, the LogiMAT 2020, which takes place from the 10 – 12 March, 2020.
  • Enjoy Speakers like Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Lars-Johan Jarnheimer (IKEA), Porter Erisman (former Alibaba) or David Couldhard (former Formula 1 Driver) and over 20 other industry experts live!
  • Use four unique educational session tracks with topics that are most relevant to you, your business and your industry.
  • Experience Industry 4.0 in an own Exhibition & Start-up zone.
  • Networking opportunities in an environment that we have limited to just 350 industry experts.
  • With the purchase of a ticket for the MHLC, you also have free admission to the Logimat trade fair, which takes place immediately afterwards.
  • A lineup of keynote speakers that want to help you ignite transformation in your organization.
  • A lineup of entertainment and activities that is leaps and bounds above any other industry conference.