Entrepreneur, consultant of the french government, investor and big data analyst

The Power of Data II

Digital Disruption - How Artificial Intelligence will make Technology disappear

9th March. 11:00 - 11:45

Dr Rand Hindi is an entrepreneur and data scientist. He is the founder and CEO of Snips, building the first AI assistant that protects privacy.

Rand started coding at the age of 10, founded a Social Network at 14 and a web agency at 15 before getting into Machine Learning at 18 and doing a PhD in Bioinformatics at 21.

He has been elected as a TR35 by the MIT Technology Review, as a “30 under 30” by Forbes, as a Rising Star by Founders Forum, and is a member of the French Digital Council.

He holds a BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Bioinformatics from University College London (UCL), as well as two graduate degrees from Singularity University in Silicon Valley and THNK in Amsterdam.