AlphaPlan® is an international company that help its customers to achieve maximum efficiency in their internal transport by means of techniques, solutions and methods such as the ultra-flat grinding of warehouse floors. This results in maximum working speed, maximum safety, maximum reliability, maximum lifespan, maximum uptime and minimum maintenance.

In order to guarantee a perfectly smooth operation of your fleet of forklift trucks of all types, including robots, at full speed, absolutely ultraflat warehouse floors are necessary.  
To meet this challenge we offer a complete solution:

  • your warehouse floors are measured digitally with the help of our extremely precise and 100% independently certified measuring robot, the FloorProfiler.
  • your floors are then upgraded to ‘ultraflat floors’ using our high-tech, twice patented FloorShaver
  • we also have a variety of finishing services from which you can choose (with FloorBridge® joint repair, installation of a wire system, sealer application)