Lichtgitter was established in 1929 in order to carry out the specialized manufacturing of gratings. By the continuous monitoring of our performance, and quality systems, together with innovation in manufacturing techniques, we have ensured Lichtgitter’s place in the forefront of manufacturers of industrial floor coverings with subsidiaries all over the world.

Besides the production of gratings and perforated metal planks, a various offer of GRP products, spiral staircases, stairtreads and chequer plates are part of the production range.

Gratings and perforated metal planks are highly suitable for shelves and floorings like walkways and platforms in the warehouse and logistics area. They are sustainable, efficient, light- and water permeable, sprinkler suitable and easy to install. In order to ensure the consistency of the high quality of the Lichtgitter products, all relevant national and international standards are to be strictly adhered to.