LogiMAT is celebrated as the leading global platform for intralogistics with outstanding business and educational opportunities. It will take place from 10 to 12 March 2020 in Stuttgart. LogiMAT is the place where you’ll encounter today what everyone is talking about tomorrow. It‘s visionary, yet rooted in tradition. Because nothing moves today’s business leaders more than unique, sustainable solutions for automation and digital transformation. Flexibility, automation, and integration are the driving themes and defining trends in the development of the next generation of industry and logistics. Digital technology unites people and processes in autonomously interconnected systems. We are living through a transformative era marked by a revolutionary momentum at every conceivable link along the supply chain. Business executives with tight schedules are especially grateful for how easy it is to attend LogiMAT: a modern convention center with great infrastructure, a clear building layout, and its very own “on-site” international airport.